Simulation of RTP on Kit Creek Road


Simulation of North Carolina State University

To demonstrate the ability to move people in a short amount of time, a simulation was put together where 400 people were boarded vehicles within a 10 minute period at Hunt Library at NCSU.


Simulation of North Hills


Simulation of Downtown Raleigh

Data from Wake County’s real estate records can be used to map out residential, commercial and retail densities within the city.  The following

maps of Raleigh overlay this information geographically.

Below, retail space is identified:


In this image, commercial space is marked.


In this image, residences are identified.  Purple denotes areas of denser residence, and light blue areas of lower density.


Overlaying all of these real estate uses yields a map that identifies residential, retail, and commercial densities.


Armed with this information, an ecoPRT system is initially laid out below: