Student Contributions to ecoPRT

As a multidisciplinary effort at North Carolina State University, students from Civil, Mechanical and Electrical engineering have researched ecoPRT.

Civil Engineering

In the Spring Semester of CE400 under Dr. John Stone, a team of civil engineering students evaluated ecoPRT as a viable technology for connecting NC State’s two main campuses.  The final presentation can be found below:

Wolfpack Consulting Final PPT ecoPRT


The video below shows a fly-thru of their concept station.



Mechanical Engineering

Students from Mechanical Engineering worked on vehicle design. The following animation shows how a passenger “order up” an ecoPRT vehicle at a station.  This is just one possible scenario out of many that have been considered.  Animation by Mechanical Engineering senior, Travis Fritts.


The following animation, also rendered by senior ME Travis Fritts, shows how someone in a wheelchairs can enter an ecoPRT vehicle.