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In today’s world, and especially in the United States, municipal rapid transit systems are fairly rare because nearly all require substantial government subsidies to maintain financial viability. We are proposing a new personal rapid transit architecture with a unique economic design that allows a for-profit, private funding model. This funding model eliminates the need for government assistance and allows organic expansion through normal market forces.

At issue is the fact that public transportation projects have a steep infrastructure cost due to their large footprint and heavy vehicle loads. Our solution is to build an ultra-light weight and low-cost transit system with autonomous vehicles that carry one or two passengers at a time. The system will have dedicated guideways where the vehicles can be routed directly to their destination without stops. The advantages include:

  1. $1million/per mile for guideway
  2. A transit system that is much quicker and less costly than either bus and light rail
  3. A smaller overall footprint and less impact on the surrounding environment so guideway can go almost anywhere.

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